Month: September 2014

Dog Days of Summer – Art Show!

My “Dog Days of Summer” series will be on display for the month of October at San Francisco Coffee in Atlanta. (676 N. Highland Ave. NE – behind Urban Outfitters) Please stop by sometime this month, or if you are around, come by the opening this Thursday!

Below you will see the promo piece with information, along with an infographic regarding the process to commission your very own custom portrait. (SUPER creative gift idea for the holidays!) If you are interested in purchasing prints, I have also opened up an etsy shop.

Here are the ways to get in touch with me:

1. Email regarding commissions or any other design/illustration requests at:

2. Purchase prints at my etsy store:

Thanks so much for your continued support! It really means a lot to me 🙂



Summer Series #14 – Fenway

From her bio:

  • If they were a person, what would be their profession and why- a dog therapist. We have seen Fenway interact with dogs whose owners insist “They don’t like other dogs/won’t be interested in playing/scared of other dogs etc.” and get them to play with her. She truly is amazing – just shows that she is no threat and is unrelenting in giving the doggy signs of “let’s play!”

photo a

photo b

photo c

photo d

photo e

photo f


From his bio:

Weird things they do

  • petting the rabbits – tanya has 2 house rabbits and niles has become very good about leaving them alone. but we can tell he really wants to play with them (possibly for nefarious reasons). but he remains very obedient and tries to play it off like he isn’t completely focused on them when they’re around. every now and then they will go up to each other for sniffs and nudges and niles will put his paw on them. tanya thinks its to hold them down i like to think he’s giving them back scratches :)

 photo a



photo b

photo c

photo d