I am here for you.

I know when you have a professional site, you are not really supposed to get personal, but from this day forward as a woman, I cannot afford to be silent. I know I have people from other countries that follow my blog, so I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that our country did NOT pick Donald Trump. We picked Hillary. I picked Hillary. The electoral college made his win possible. Hate crimes are already spreading. Minorities are fearful. It is a dark time.

People say that not all folks who voted for Trump are misogynists, racists, etc.— That they were just “sick of Washington insiders” or the fact that they considered Hillary “corrupt.” For me, if voting FOR those things was more important than voting AGAINST a man who openly mocks disabled people, calls for a ban on muslims and assigns value to women based on how they rate physically from 1 to 10, then that is worse…because you do not get it.

I am asking, for the sake of myself and the rest of the Americans who are for love and peace—do not dismiss us all because of the hatred of his followers. The good people here are going to fight every day to keep people who have been marginalized, safe. That being said, I have started a “Spread the Love” snail mail campaign where I do hand lettering of positive quotes, accompanied by weird illustrations inspired by a word/animal generator.

If you would like one, please email me at colleen@colleenfinn.com with your mailing address. I will do these for people for as long as I am able. There is still hope in the world and I will spend every day putting that out into the world.

This was the first: