“Share the Love” snail mail campaign – No.57

Random word generator: ladybug, toothbrush, light bulb

So with 2017, come new challenges. If you’d like a little love in your mailbox this time of year; by way of an original ink/watercolor “Share the Love” illustration, please send me an email to colleen@colleenfinn.com with your name/address. Even if you’ve already received one, you might have a friend or family member that could use a pick-me-up. Feel free to send me their info. too!
I’ll have LOTS of love to give, so don’t feel bad for asking 🙂

*BONUS: If you have received some love already or if you make your request in the next 2 weeks, they’ll be some special Valentine love headed your way in February!!


New Venture!

So I’ve recently started doing these custom typography/illustration pieces. They are being very well received & I’d love to really push this into a side track for me. If you are interested in a commission for yourself or as a gift, please contact me at colleen@colleenfinn.com for further information. Currently, lead time is 2 weeks. Thanks!! *I’ve included a bit of the process…web1_inhouseweb2_photoweb3_colorweb4_handweb5_sketch

Share the Love – No.30

(Random word generator: turtle, frying pan, magnet)

*Well it’s been 30 days since the election and I’ve been trying my best to keep the positivity. I feel this quote is one of the most important moving forward. Be vigilant in demanding the truth and making sure we live lives based on facts. Opinions are not facts, otherwise, they’d just be called facts.